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Effective, personalised marketing campaigns are delivered to targeted customers at the right time and through the right channel of communication.


Our mission

We help companies and organisations to effectively reach new customers, respondents and donors, while saving them time, energy, resources and providing access to a unique know-how.
You are saving your time, energy and money.
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B2B databases

If you wish to find potential customers among companies or are interested in validation and enrichment of your database, we invite you to use our B2B databases.
We provide B2B data for mail, e-mail and telemarketing campaigns. We own a database of active entities and organisations, which is constantly updated. We also cooperate with a number of credible suppliers of data about entrepreneurs.

B2B selection criteria


Profiled B2C and GEO databases

If you wish to find potential customers among individuals, we invite you to use our wide range of B2C and GEO customer databases.
We provide data for mail, e-mail, telemarketing and text message campaigns as well as for analytical purposes. We provide some data sets as their exclusive broker or owner. We help you choose the most appropriate data sources and communication channels for your campaign

B2C and GEO selection criteria


Contract-generated leads

If you wish to increase the conversion of your marketing activities or plan to reach customers with particular needs or interests, we can acquire specifically profiled leads for you on a continuous basis, if need be.

Tell us who you want to reach and what message you wish to convey and we will offer you a lead-generating model tailored to your goals and targets.

Database-related services

If you are interested in the enhancement, standardisation, deduplication or improvement of the quality of your data, we will be happy to help you!

Do you wish to learn more about your customers in order to determine their essential qualities and enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with the knowledge you have acquired? Use our analytical services!

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Data hygiene







Providing the data marked as required in the contact form is voluntary, yet necessary to send us an inquiry via this form. Providing other data, i.e., not marked as required, is voluntary. By providing my contact details, I give consent to be contacted by e-mail and phone in order to be presented with current offers of Axcelo Sp. z o.o. The Data Controller of your personal data is Axcelo Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Warsaw at 6a Lesznowolska Street, 01-808 Warsaw (hereinafter also referred to as We). We will process your personal data provided in this contact form in order to adequately respond to your messages, including to provide answers to your inquiries. We will also process all your data for our marketing purposes. If you consent to receive electronic or phone commercial messages, please be informed that you can withdraw your consent at any time by sending an e-mail to Detailed information on the principles of processing your personal data can be accessed here .
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Axcelo Sp. z o. o.
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Below you shall find information on the manner, purposes and extent to which we process the data we have acquired from public and official sources. WHO WE ARE? We are Axcelo Sp. z o.o.and we operate in Warsaw, at 6a Lesznowolska Street, 01-808 Warsaw, Poland (hereinafter referred to as We or Axcelo).My lub Axcelo). We are the so-called listbroker. We focus on creating and expanding our B2B database, which contains information on companies and institutions. We create this database from data collected from public and official sources (Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG), National Official Business Register (KRS), Statistics Poland (GUS), official websites of companies and public authorities). We do not use data which is not made available to the public. We properly sort the acquired data and then rent them to entities interested in obtaining publicly available data, yet according to a specific key (e.g., of transportation companies of a given voivodeship). HOW TO CONTACT US? You can send us an e-mail to or a letter to the address:Axcelo Sp. z o.o., ul. Lesznowolska 6a, 01-808 Warszawa. We have also appointed the Data Protection Officer in our office. You can contact them by sending an e-mail to WHENCE HAVE WE ACQUIRED YOUR PERSONAL DATA?   We have acquired your contact details as well as background information on your company from publicly available and official sources. FOR WHAT PURPOSES DO WE PROCESS YOUR PERSONAL DATA? Your personal data included in publicly available sources are processed in relation to our business activities, which primarily involve data acquisition, analysis and rental. WHAT IS THE LEGAL BASIS FOR THE PROCESSING OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA? Your personal data included in publicly available sources are processed pursuant to the principle of a legitimate interest of the personal data controller, i.e., Art. 6(1)(f) of GDPR. WHAT IS THE PERIOD OF TIME FOR THE PROCESSING OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA? Your personal data shall be processed for as long as they are available in public registers and on official websites. WHO IS THE RECIPIENT OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA our personal data included in publicly available ources are made available to the customers of Axcelo to be used for their own purposes, e.g., to develop a catalogue of potential recipients of their products or services. We can also rent your data to our subcontractors, in particular with the company in charge of managing our IT systems. HOW DO WE PROCESS YOUR PERSONAL DATA? We process your personal data in accordance with applicable law, in particular with the provisions of the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation. While processing your personal data, we take into consideration the following principles:
  1. The principle of appropriateness
Only do we process the data, which is necessary for the achievement of a given processing purpose.
  1. The principle of transparency
You should be fully aware of what is happening to your data. This document, which aims to familiarise you with all the principles of processing your personal data by Axcelo, is the application of this principle of transparency.
  1. The principle of correctness
We strive to keep your personal data in our systems up-to-date and accurate. Yet if you find that in certain fields your personal data is incorrect or has not bee nupdated, please send us an e-mail to or write a letter to: Axcelo Sp. z o.o., ul. Lesznowolska 6a, 01-808 Warszawa.
  1. The principle of integrity and confidentiality
We take necessary measures to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data. We constantly improve them, as the environment changes and technology progresses. These security measures include physical and technological ones aimed to limit the access to your data, as well as appropriate protection measures to prevent the loss of your data.
  1. The principle of accountability
We wish to be able to account for any of our activities on personal data so that in the event of your inquiry, we can provide you with full and reliable information on the activities we have performed on your data. OUR RIGHTS The right of protection of personal data offers you a number of rights that you can exercise at any time. Unless you abuse these rights (e.g. through unjustified everyday requests for access to information), exercising them will be free of charge and should be easy to implement. Your rights comprise:
  1. The right to access the content of your personal data
This right means that you can ask us to export the information we have about you from our databases and send it to you in one of the commonly used formats (e.g., XLSX, DOCX, etc.).
  1. The right to correct your data
If you learn that the data we process are incorrect, you have the right to request their rectification, which will oblige us to do so. In this case, we have the right to ask you to provide us with a document or other evidence of a change in your data.
  1. he right to restrict the processing of your data
f you consider, despite our compliance with the principle of appropriateness referred to in the section titled How Do We Process Your Personal Data, that for a specific process the processing of your personal data is too far-reaching, you have the right to request that we restrict this processing. Unless your request opposes any requirements imposed on us by applicable law or prevents the performance of the contract, we shall accede to such request.
  1. The right to request the deletion of your data
This right, also called the right to be forgotten, means that you have the right to request that we delete any information containing your personal data from our database systems and documentation. Please note that we cannot do this, if we are obliged to process your data by law (e.g. keeping employee records, tax returns, etc.). In all cases, however, we shall delete your personal data to the fullest extent possible and, where this cannot be done, we shall ensure their pseudonymisation (which means that a particular data subject cannot be identified without a relevant key). Thanks to this process, your personal data, which must be kept in accordance with applicable law, shall be available only to a very narrow group of employees in our organisation.
According to GDPR, you can ask us to export all the data provided to us in the course of our cooperation to an individual file in order for it to be transferred to a different data controller. The aforementioned rights can be exercised by contacting us by e-mail to r by sending us a letter to: Axcelo Sp. z o.o., ul. Lesznowolska 6a, 01-808 Warszawa. You can also use the aforementioned contact addresses, when you encounter any action or situation that raises concerns about whether it is legal or whether it violates your rights or freedoms. In such case we shall answer your questions, handle your doubts and address the issue in question forthwith. If you conclude that we have violated the principles of processing your personal data in any way, you have the right to lodge a complaint directly to the supervisory authority (the President of the Personal Data Protection Office from 25 May 2018. When exercising this power, you should provide a full description of the situation and indicate the action you consider to be in breach of your rights or freedoms. The complaint shall be submitted directly to the supervisory authority:ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warszawa. THE RIGHT TO OBJECT We would like to inform you that you also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. You can exercise the right to object when you do not want us to process your personal data for a given purpose. In this case, we shall continue to process your data for other processes (for other purposes), but not for the purpose to which you objected, unless you request is against the obligations imposed on us by law. You can submit your right to object to the e-mail address r by sending us a letter to: Axcelo Sp. z o.o., ul. Lesznowolska 6a, 01-808 Warszawa.
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